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Our Governing Body is composed of a group of committed individuals who monitor and advise on all aspects of school activities for the school.

They appoint staff, review policies and priorities, monitor teaching and encourage the work of the school. Some of the governors are parents, some are nominated by the Local Education Authority, some are co-opted from the village, and others represent the staff.

The structure of the Governing Body comprises two sub-committees which meet half-termly. The Curriculum & Standards committee is concerned with Policies, Self Evaluation, and the School Improvement Plan. The Finance, Personnel and Premises committee is responsible for budget setting and monitoring and all issues relating to resources and school management. The full Governing Body meets termly plus one annual meeting to approve the budget.

Chair of Governors: Giles Clark
Vice Chair: Kelly Liebenberg

Each governor is allocated specific responsibilities as follows:

Full Name Committees (attendance) FGB Attendance Subject App’t Registered Business Interests
Giles Clark
FPP (2/3), CS (1/3)  1/3 Complaints 6/1/14
4 years
Jackie Harvey
FPP (2/3), CS (1/3)  1/3 1/9/10
Peter McMeekin
FPP (2/3)  1/3 Finance 14/3/13
4 years
 IT consultant
Liz Jakeman
FPP (2/3)  0/3 Personnel 12/3/15
4 years
Mark Wisdom
 FPP (0/3)  0/3 12/3/15
(Stepped down 11/16)
Claire Stevenson
CS- Chair (1/3)  1/3 Attendance 7/3/13
4 years
Musical instrument teacher
Kelly Liebenberg
FPP- Chair (2/3)

CS (1/3)

 0/3 Recruitment 12/3/15
4 years
Director of wholesale flower company

Director of IT consulting company

Helen Tansley
CS (1/3)  1/3 Curriculum 09/11/16
4 years
John Kershaw
 FPP (0/3) 0/3 19/12/12 – 18/03/2016
Emma Hedderson
FPP (2/3)
CS (1/3)
 1/3 Health and Safety 06/06/16
4 years
Naomi Carter
CS (1/3)  1/3 SEN, Safeguarding & Looked

After Children

4 years
Vicky Neale Clerk to Governors

FPP – Finance, Personnel & Premises Committee (including Health & Safety)
CS – Curriculum & Standards Committee

The role of the Governors has evolved over the years but essentially remains the same – to help and support the Headteacher and staff in running the school and continuing to provide the best possible education for our children.