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Ofsted Report

Reed First School was inspected by Ofsted on 18 – 19th June 2013. The overall grade of the inspection was ‘Good’.

The report recognised many features of the school that were either good or outstanding, including;

  • That pupils make good progress throughout the school and that the standard of their work when they leave is usually above that seen nationally.
  • That teaching is typically good and some is outstanding.
  • That pupils are articulate and polite, and their behaviour is outstanding.  Pupils’ courtesy and attitudes to learning are outstanding. They come to school every day determined to learn and in doing so become confident and articulate.
  • In classrooms, pupils’ attitudes are the driving force behind the good progress they make. They work well with each other and with adults. They know that, by following the clear guidance given by the school, they are able to enjoy every part of the school day. The school is a safe and happy community.
  • The school has a warm and welcoming ethos that parents and pupils value highly. The school provides a safe and secure environment and pupils know they are always able to find an adult to help if needed.
  • Pupils have many opportunities to contribute to the school. Older pupils help younger ones through a buddying system and school councillors have jobs such as ‘Welcoming Officer’ to greet parents and other visitors to the school.
  • Attendance is high and pupils are punctual.
  • Good leadership from the headteacher has led to improvements in the quality of teaching.
  • The school governors are conscientious and support the school well.

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