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Junior Class

Year 3 and year 4 make up our Junior Class. The class teachers are Mrs Harvey and Mrs Kershaw,  who are supported by Mrs Rozier.

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Autumn Term 2017

The Junior class have had a busy first half of the Autumn Term. in their topic lessons they have very much enjoyed learning about the history, geography and manufacturing process of chocolate, preparing PowerPoint presentations on the information they have found out, presenting them in groups to their peers and, of course, enjoying a chocolate tasting or two along the way. Pupils have also learned how to evaluate and review their own work and those of their peers and what makes an interesting and engaging presentation.

With Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our core text, pupils have put themselves in the shoes of the Oompa Loompas and designed new chocolate bars for Mr Wonka. They have also found out what all the words mean on the wrappers of their favourite chocolate bars, having studied and discussed ingredients and nutritional information. This linked well to their focus on Nutrition in Science lessons. Once their bars were designed, they were tasked with devising television adverts which would entice people to buy their chocolate bars rather than their competitors!

The highlight of the topic was a Chocolate Workshop run by The Melting Pot. Mrs Fry, from The Melting Pot came into school and the children enjoyed a whole afternoon telling her what they already knew, as well as learning more information about the production of chocolate. They also had the opportunity to make and decorate their own chocolate lollipops, which they took home to ‘share’ with their families.