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Curriculum Overview

The school is guided by the policies of the Local Authority and by the requirements of the National Curriculum. The teaching of literacy and numeracy are given a very high priority at Reed First School, and we aim to exceed Government targets.

Work is planned thoughtfully to encourage our children to achieve their potential. Considerable time and effort is spent by our teachers in planning, developing and monitoring the schemes of work for all subjects.

The National Curriculum requires all children to follow specific areas of study in each of the core subjects, i.e. English, Mathematics, Science and Computing.

We also aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum by teaching the following foundation subjects:

Art and Design, Design Technology, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship), and Religous Education.

We adopt a topic based approach to our curriculum to ensure creativity, excellence, and enjoyment. Full details can be found in our School Prospectus

From 2009 all KS2 children (aged 7 and above) are required to learn a modern foreign language and we are now teaching French to the Junior Class.

Children aged five and under will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum based on six areas of learning in order to achieve the Early Learning Goals.

See below for what each class is learning this term: