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There are separate admission arrangements for each foundation stage.

Foundation Stage – Nursery

  • Children may be admitted to the nursery for up to 5 morning sessions per week in the term after their third birthday, where funding, staff and space allow and up to 5 afternoons, if eligible for 30 hour funding. A charge of £3.50 will be made for lunch.
  • Children may be admitted to the nursery for up to 5 mornings and/or afternoons in the term of their 3rd birthday, at an hourly rate of £6.50 plus £3.50 for lunch.
  • Parents/carers apply directly to the school for admissions at Nursery age.
  • In the event of there being more applicants than there are places available, the Governors will apply the following criteria in the priority order of categories as listed:
    1. Children who at the time of entry are living in Reed.
    2. Siblings of children already at the school at the time of application. For the purposes of this policy, siblings are all other children permanently residing at the same address.
    3. Date of registration.

In the event of there being an over-subscription in any one of the above categories, the determining factor in that category will be the geographical proximity to the school as defined below, with the exception of note 2.

Note 1: Geographical proximity will be determined by the measurement of the shortest distance by road or public pathways as shown on an Ordnance Survey map, measured from the front of the home to the mail entrance of the school.

Note 2: There may be exceptional occasions when the governors are requested by the LA supported by the medical services or the health authority, to give a place to a particular child; in this case the child will be afforded exceptional priority.

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Foundation Stage – Reception

  • In line with Hertfordshire County policy all children start full time Reception in the September after their 4th birthday
  • Attendance at nursery does not guarantee admission to the reception class, where coordinated admission arrangements apply
  • These exist throughout the country and the LA is responsible for coordinating the admissions process for all parent s/carers within their area
  • Details are given to parents/carers in the ‘Starting School’ booklet distributed in September in the year prior to children starting in reception
  • Parents should contact Hertfordshire Local Authority for all admissions arrangements
  • Parents/carers apply directly to Hertfordshire Local Authority for a reception place
  • Where there are more applicants than places available the admissions rules for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools apply
  • Parents/carers are informed by the LA of the school they have been allocated and have the right of appeal to the LA