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Our School

If your child is aged between 3 years and 9 years, there are many reasons why you should choose Reed First School:

  • Specialist Early Years unit from 3 years old
  • Children come from Reed / Royston / Buntingford and surrounding villages
  • Our small class numbers allow for high levels of individual attention
  • We are a forest school
  • Our children attend swimming lessons from Year 1
  • Varied after-school clubs to appeal to every child
  • Links with other schools, and the local community
  • Extensive computing and other facilities, including interactive white boards in each class
  • Active PTA and Governing Body

Links with other schools and the local Community

Reed works closely with the other seven first schools, two middle schools and one upper school within the Royston area, known as the Royston Area Schools Partnership.  We also work closely with schools in the Buntingford area, knowing that our children also move on to middle school there.  The aim is to provide coordinated education for all children in the area.

We also work closely with the community.  We welcome visits from members of the community to support our learning and experiences.  We also visit different parts of the village on walks and studies.