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Values Overview

Our core values:

  • Independence
  • Resilience
  • Respect
  • Aspiration

Our vision:

Our school is warm and inclusive, a place where families are welcomed and involved as part of our community. Our children’s experiences are memorable and take into account their individual needs, interests and aspirations. Staff encourage and model growing minds and celebrate those who independently seek challenge and show resilience as part of the learning journey. Pupils become confident life-long learners who leave us ready for the next stage of their learning for life and as citizens of the future.

We achieve our vision through:

  • A happy, welcoming and safe environment
  • An engaging indoor and outdoor environment
  • Active and inspiring learning
  • Teaching a skills based curriculum
  • Opportunities which are rich and varied
  • Recognising each member of our school as an individual
  • High expectations for pupils within a supportive framework
  • Demonstrating and expecting high levels of behaviour
  • Working in partnership with parents and the wider community
  • Support from an active and committed governing body