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Parent Voice


Parent voice is very important to us.  As well as having an open door policy in engaging with our parents, they are also asked to share their views through regular questionnaires and face to face parent events.

As a result of our parent voice, we often find solutions together for what we feel needs changing or improving.  An example of this is adapting the choices available to the children at lunch time by offering cold and hot meals.

We have also discussed how parents could be involved more in our Personal, Social, Health, Sex and Relationships curriculum.  Our parents and carers are now sent the themes and learning objectives half termly in advance of the lessons to enable them to support and continue the important topics of conversation at home.

Parents played a part of the development of our chosen synthetic phonics programme implementation.   This has included workshops led by our headteacher, recorded lessons and live lessons which parents and carers attended.

Our parents and carers are interested in learning how to support their child to develop a growth mindset.  As a result, a workshops to enable them to continue the work we are doing in school at home and help develop resilient life-long learners have taken place.

A workshop to support parents in understanding our restorative approach to understanding behaviours, parental feedback included:

This was really helpful.  I’ve often heard snippets about positive parenting and methods to use. but the workshop ran through it step by step to give a holistic approach.  I feel a lot more confident now and have some great practical tips to use in the home. 

Please see below the results of the latest parent questionnaire.

In our Ofsted inspection in October 2022, the following was noted:

Parents make very positive comments about the school. They say their children make progress and that they learn about important values. Parents are happy with the care and support their children receive.