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Junior Class

Year 3 and year 4 make up our Junior Class. The class teacher is Miss Riches, who is supported by Mrs Rozier.

Please view our Sports Owl for news from the Junior Class.

Spring Term 2020

The Junior class Topic this term has been Rainforests. As a DT project, the Juniors have been designing and making our own rainforest-themed animal bean bags.

We started off by looking at existing bean bags; considering their purpose, how they’ve been made and what they’ve been made out of. We then researched different rainforest animals, practised some different sewing stitches and decided which animal we wanted to use as a design for our own bean bags. After sketching out a few ideas and putting together a step by step plan of our process, we began making our bean bags!

First we needed a 2D paper template which we used to cut out our felt. We added some decoration and then used our newly found sewing skills to sew our bean bags together. We had to be careful to remember to leave a hole so that we could pour our lentils inside!

Take a look at our finished bean bags.

Home Learning

The children have been busy completing their studies at home during the time when schools are closed due to the Coronavirus.