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Junior Class

Year 3 and year 4 make up our Junior Class. The class teacher is Miss Riches, who is supported by Mrs Rozier.

Please view our Sports Owl for news from the Junior Class.

Autumn Term 2019

The Junior class are really enjoying our Topic of The Romans. We have been learning about the Celtic warrior Boudicca, and how she led her tribe in a rebellion against Roman occupation. We used drama to depict the events that led up to the rebellion, empathising with Boudicca’s feeling of anger and injustice towards the Romans. We have written powerful persuasive speeches to be given by Boudicca to the Celts. Next, we are going to use written descriptions of Boudicca to paint our own portraits of her.

After researching Roman entertainment and learning about Roman chariot racing, the Juniors have designed and made their own Roman chariots.

We have been inspired by our Roman Topic in English too! Based on the book Escape From Pompeii, we have written our own descriptions of what the town of Pompeii was like before and after the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius. For the rest of the half term, we will be studying a range of different Roman myths, and writing our own versions of some Roman myths.

In Science, we have carried out investigations into the force of friction by testing how far toy cars travel on different surfaces. We created a mini scrapyard in our classroom, and used magnets to sort the objects into two piles; objects that are magnetic, and objects that are non-magnetic. We have also been predicting and testing which objects in the classroom are magnetic.

In Maths, we have been developing our knowledge of place value. We have been counting up and down in ones, tens, hundreds and thousands – some of us are challenging ourselves to count in tens of thousands!