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Layton Class

Year 3 and year 4 make up Layton Class. The class teacher is Ms Sunassee.

Celebration Assembly

A selection of this weeks celebration assembly photographs.

Spring 2023

Layton class have been busy with our Iron Man story, we have written our play and hope you will enjoy watching it on google classroom soon. During PE we are working hard to produce our dance for the play and we just need to improve our diary entry ready for a part of the play that we are still editing. To improve our literacy we are trying to complete daily word searches and of course using our best friends’ (dictionaries ) during the day to find and use new vocabulary.

We are excited to explore London and most importantly investigate more about The Egyptians for our history topic. In maths we are gaining confidence as we work our way through fractions and will soon move on to decimals.

Autumn 2022

In Science, we have been learning all about light.  We have investigated materials that are opaque, translucent and transparent by shining a torch and observing how much light travels through the object.


We really enjoy using the Chromebooks in our lessons. For example, we used them to help us find places with Anglo-Saxon names – places ending in -ford, -worth and -ham.

We have also been having a fantastic time in Forest School. We have used twigs, leaves, wool and paint to make our own animals, had a go at square lashing, and sketched the natural world around us.

Summer 2022- Kingswood

We loved our residential trip away to Kingswood in Norfolk. We took part in some really fun (and sometimes nerve-wracking) activities such as caving, climbing, laser tag and low ropes. We even had time to visit the beach!