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Layton Class

Year 3 and year 4 make up Layton Class. The class teacher is Miss Riches.

Celebration Assembly

A selection of this weeks celebration assembly photographs.


Summer 2022- Kingswood

We loved our residential trip away to Kingswood in Norfolk. We took part in some really fun (and sometimes nerve-wracking) activities such as caving, climbing, laser tag and low ropes. We even had time to visit the beach!

Spring Term 2022

In Science we have been learning all about states of matter and the different stages of the water cycle. We wondered what the stages of the water cycle would look like so we made our own in a plastic bag! After annotated the front of the back with pictures of the different stages, we poured some water into the plastic bag, sealed it up and taped it to the window. We observed that when the sun shone through the window, the water started to heat and evaporate. This water vapor condensed back into water droplets when it touched the cold edge of the bag and collected back at the bottom of the bag. It was fantastic to see the water cycle in action!

Autumn Term 2021

In Science we are learning how to make electrical circuits. Here we used wires and a battery to make our very first complete circuits which successfully lit up a light bulb!

Class Camp-out – July 2021

We had a fantastic time at our class camp-out on the school field. We ate pizzas and hotdogs, played on a giant inflatable obstacle course, watched a film, planned midnight feasts and even managed to get a little bit of sleep in our tents!

Junior class campout

Summer Term 2021

We have really enjoyed our DT project of shell structures this term, designing, making and evaluating our own Ancient Egyptian treasure boxes. First, we had a look at some completed boxes and evaluated their design. Then we had a practise of drawing our own nets and constructing our own 3D shapes. We learnt how important it is to be accurate with measuring and cutting. We discovered it was hard to draw and put together a pentagonal prism!

After that, we had a think of some designs for our own boxes and chose our favourite one. Next, it was time to draw out a net, carefully cut it out and add our unique Egyptian designs.

Now it was time to make our own Ancient Egyptian boxes. We made sure we accurately measured and folded our nets so that we successfully constructed our boxes. It was very tricky, but we showed great resilience and aspiration!

Finally, it was time to evaluate our treasure boxes.

thought about what we would need to make them and wrote a flowchart with the steps of the design process.

Next, it was time to make our moveable shadow puppets!

Finally, we evaluated our own and each other’s shadow puppets.

Please view the Layton class letter for news from the class.