Return to Parents


Our school is based on a partnership between pupils/staff and parents/carers.

Throughout the year parents/carers have the opportunity to meet with class teachers. This may be by the formal consultation evenings held in the autumn and spring terms or by individual appointments made with the class teacher when the need arises. However we have an open door policy and encourage parents/carers to discuss any concerns when they arise.

Parents/carers also receive a written report in the summer term and have an opportunity to meet the teachers should they wish to discuss this further. You will also be invited to our Open Evening when the children’s work will be on display. We like to share your child’s achievements with you so we may ask you come in at the end of the day to see your child’s work, come to our Assemblies or attend our special events.

We work closely with our parents to ensure our children can be supported both at home and school through a shared vision to enable the children to become life-long learners.

As a school, we offer workshops to parents to explain our aims and methods of teaching and learning.  For example, parents have engaged in finding out about ‘ Developing Independent, Powerful and Resilient Learners’.

After attending a workshop lead by our Headteacher, parents shared the positive impact our partnership is having:

“I found this workshop so useful. Not only will it help me think about how I word things at home but also at work. I must admit I do tell my children that I don’t like the words: I can’t. I always say we can do anything if we just believe and keep trying but I love the ‘we can’t yet’ saying. Thank you so much for this workshop. “
“It was really beneficial to explore how developing a growth mind-set can help instill the drive to permanently evolve our skills and stimulate that passion for consistent learning. I loved the idea of the brown and white mice and found it really useful to relate that back to key areas of their learning. The “green for growth” now makes complete sense, and I think teaching the children to self-evaluate their own work is a fantastic skill, that they can take with them through life. It was a really useful evening, thanks again for putting it on.”

Parents may find it useful to watch the video below created by Sophie MacNeill from Herts for Learning which supports the work we are doing as a school.

We welcome your ideas, help and involvement with clubs, swimming, library, visits, events etc.