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Infant Class

Year 1 and year 2 make up our Infant Class. The class teachers are Miss Panter and Mrs Wittich, who are supported by Mrs Smith.

Please view our Infant Owl for news from the Infant Class.

Summer Term 2020

During the summer term in the Infant class, we noticed how many different types of weather we were having.
After discussing why this might be we thought of a geographical question:
  • Why are some places hotter than others?
We created weather stations at school and home and collected data about the type of weather we were experiencing each day.  We have enjoyed using our new class thermometer to help look for patterns in the temperature each day.
We also spent time learning where the continents and oceans of the world are and where we are in the world.

Learning to use a compass has helped us to identify where places are and to notice where in the world hotter and colder places are.

We discovered an important line on our globe. It is the equator.  In answering our question, we have noticed that the closer to the equator the place is, the hotter it is.  That has explained why our weather is so changeable.  We are north of the equator so we don’t have warm weather all year round and we never quite know what we are going to get!

Being a weather forecaster is a hard job in the United Kingdom!

Spring Term 2020

We have enjoyed finding out about explorers and what they are famous for.  We have particularly enjoyed finding out about the first person on the moon – Neil Armstrong.  We have told his story and thought about which things happened to him to lead to his amazing achievement.

Our display shows our cartoon strips of his life and some art work experimenting with ink to create textures to represent the surface of the moon.


Home Learning

The children have been busy completing their studies at home during the time when schools are closed due to the Coronavirus.