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Bysouth Class

Year 1 and year 2 enjoy learning in Bysouth Class.

Our class teacher is Miss Wilson.

Autumn 2023

We have had a wonderful few weeks back at school. We have enjoyed lots of learning opportunities, from learning about toys through time in History to reading and writing about the book Farmer Duck in our writing lessons. Here are some pictures of us enjoying our learning in Bysouth Class! 

In Forest School, we have been mixing blackberries and painting with them! We found it very fascinating.

We have been learning about place value in maths. Year 1’s have been finding different ways of counting to be more efficient in their maths, for example, counting in groups of two’s.

In History, we have been sorting new toys and describing their properties. We have shown our history knowledge very well. We have also been comparing old toys with new toys and explaining how we know they are new and old. We are looking forward to continuing our learning on toys through time!

Spring 2024

In Bysouth, we have enjoyed learning about the traditional tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We have been growing our own beans in Science. In maths, we set up our own shop to buy beans! As well as this, in writing we wrote descriptions of the giant and the giant’s house

In Science, we have been learning about plants. We have been observing how plants grow from bulbs or seeds into mature plants. As well as this, we have been learning about deciduous and evergreen trees.

In Geography, we are continuing to develop our Geographical skills. We are working hard on our map skills, by looking at photographs and a range of globes and maps.

In History, we have been learning about Guy Fawkes. We have spent time exploring sources of information and looking for clues to find out why the Gunpowder Plot was unsuccessful.