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Jackson Class

At Reed First School, Jackson Class covers the period of time the children spend in Nursery and Reception. The class teacher is Miss Ingram.

We operate a flexible induction programme so that the needs of each individual child can be met.

In our Early Years unit we have created an environment which supports, encourages and stimulates the children to become independent learners.

Please view the  class letter for news from Jackson Class.

Celebration Assembly

A selection of this weeks celebration assembly photographs.

Summer Term 2022

We have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a sunflower and bean and have planted and cared for our own. We were worried that the rabbits might eat them but so far we have been lucky.

We had great fun learning about people who help us and worked cooperatively to make a Police car and a ladder for a firefighter.

We enjoyed learning about keeping our teeth healthy and taking turns to be the dentist.

Spring Term 2022

This term the children have been busy exploring the outside and inside environments to learn about Spring, life cycles and the wonderful world around. They have also enjoyed a topic about knights and castles.

We have enjoyed using the outdoor area and our P.E sessions to develop gross and fine motor skills through a range of games using a variety of equipment and during our Gymnastic sessions.

We enjoyed our mini Alice in Wonderland topic during World Book Day. We used our independence skills to follow recipes and made some jam tarts all by ourselves. We also had fun exploring and making mini gardens and ‘Drink Me’ Fizzy potions.

During Science week we had fun exploring and observing reactions with vinegar, baking soda, milk, oil and food colouring. We made milk explosions and fireworks in jars. We also planted some beans in a bag and attached them to our window so we can make observations of a life cycle of a plant and made magnetic maps and treasure bottles.

Autumn Term 2021


We were all very excited to explore our new outdoor learning environment when we returned to school in September.

The children have been learning about themselves and their families, their similarities and differences and what makes them unique.

They have been having lots of fun in forest school, working together to rescue teddy, using tools to make holes for conkers and making their own paint to print with from berries.

The children enjoyed lots of Autumn and spooky activities during the first half of term. They carved pumpkins and went on a pumpkin hunt. “We’re not scared!” They found spiders in spaghetti and scooped out eyeballs in the water beads. They enjoyed making potions and spells to turn each other into frogs and making mud hedgehogs.


They have also been learning lots of skills during their weekly cooking sessions.

Summer Term 2021

The term started with the exciting arrival of our chicks. We didn’t have to wait very long before our first egg hatched and we became mummies and daddies to 11 chicks.

We also enjoyed our first science week, where we became expert minibeast investigators, rain cloud makers and explored materials to make a house suitable to keep the 3 little pigs safe from the big bad wolf.

We have also really enjoyed our Forest School sessions this term.

We have improved our coordination and developed our skills and have enjoyed working together during P.E.

We have really enjoyed our Growing topic and learning how to plant and care for sunflowers and runner beans.