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Early Years Class

At Reed First School the Early Years covers the period of time the children spend in Nursery and Reception. The class teacher is Mrs Tansley, who is supported by Mrs Chisnall.

We operate a flexible induction programme so that the needs of each individual child can be met.

In our Early Years unit we have created an environment which supports, encourages and stimulates the children to become independent learners.

Please view The Early Years Owl for news from the Early Years class.

Spring Term 2020


In the Early Years this term we have been finding out about dragons through stories and songs and The Chinese New Year celebration. We particularly enjoyed learning about the Zodiac story and creating our own dragon dance which we performed in assembly. We worked as a group to make a dragon costume and we all made a drum, with beads and Chinese writing.

Later on in the term, we explored winter and dark nights and listened to the story of The Owl who was afraid of the dark. We even got to experience some real snow!

We had great fun finding out about how to keep ourselves healthy with some help from visitors to school. We even made our own smoothies while exercising.

One Monday morning, we came to school to find a jungle had grown over the weekend and something or someone had been in our classroom, making a mess and leaving prints everywhere.

  • What had happened?…
  • We had to investigate, what clues could we find?…

Home Learning

The children have been busy completing their studies at home during the time when schools are closed due to the Coronavirus.