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Parents’ Information

Parent and carer partnership We actively encourage parents and carers to become involved in their child’s education.  Our home school agreement sets out our expectations as a partnership. Any parent who wishes to take their child(ren) out of school for any reason must apply in writing to the Headteacher in advance of non-attendance by completing …

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Friends of Reed School

The reasons people take certain jobs are endless; necessity, ambition, skills and so on but there is one fundamental underlying reason that we become fundraisers – we want to make a difference in the world. As parents and carers we are members of the school community.  We all want to see our children thrive and …

Summer uniform

School Uniform

We expect children to wear uniform, details of which are listed below. BOYS Reed School maroon sweatshirt Grey trousers White polo shirt Grey socks, and black shoes. GIRLS Reed School maroon cardigan Grey skirts, pinafores or trousers in winter White polo shirt Pink checked dress in summer ‘Sensible’ low black shoes PE Reed School maroon …

Special Table

School Meals

A school meal costs £2.65 per day and the Junior class can pay for this by +Pay within Parentmail Hertfordshire Catering Limited provide our pupil choice school lunch, please view the menu below: Please register for Universal Free School Meals if your child is in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. If your child is in …

Special Educational Needs

We are an inclusive school which aims to meet the needs of all children. We work closely with parents and carers to ensure we support all of the children in our school.  If there is something which you are concerned about, or you don’t understand why we are doing something in a particular way, please …

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Activities & Visits

At Reed First School, we offer a wide range of after school activities including sports, performing arts, yoga, gardening and carpet bowls. To enhance the children’s learning experiences and understanding of the wider world, we regularly invite visitors to the school.  These include; visiting pantomimes, dance workshops, faith groups, travelling museums and even the occasional …


Teaching and Learning Policies GDPR Policies

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Our school is based on a partnership between pupils/staff and parents/carers. Throughout the year parents/carers have the opportunity to meet with class teachers. This may be by the formal consultation evenings held in the autumn and spring terms or by individual appointments made with the class teacher when the need arises. However we have an …

Parent Voice

Parent voice is very important to us.  As well as having an open door policy in engaging with our parents, they are also asked to share their views through regular questionnaires and face to face parent forums. Please see below the results of the latest parent questionnaire.

Useful Links

Coronavirus advice In these challenging times we need to focus on maintaining children’s and adult’s mental health. Some of the resources below will help you talk to your child and help your child talk to you about how they are feeling and some general well-being advice about having to stay in for you and your …